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Neoprene Rubber Cord

Neoprene extruded rubber cord is a great general purpose sealing cord with good compression set resistance and good resilience making it a good solution for a variety of sealing applications. Neoprene is the DuPont® trade name for the polychloroprene family of synthetic rubbers. Standard Seals neoprene cord stock is made of specifically compounded neoprene rubber, manufactured and extruded to the highest of tolerances. It also has good resistance to ozone oils, sunlight and aging.


A Resilient Seal that Resists Abrasion

Neoprene rubber cord has a good ability to resist abrasion and flex cracking over a wide range of temperatures. Our neoprene seals adhere well to metals for rubber to metal bonding applications. Neoprene is inherently resistant to Freon and ammonia, so it is widely used for sealing applications involving refrigeration fluids.


Neoprene Seals are Waterproof and Insulate

Neoprene rubber cord is used in many industrial applications that must stand up to weather, chemicals or heat. Neoprene rubber cord is used extensively due to its exceptional, low-maintenance performance.

  • Window seals
  • Water resistant membranes
  • Sealing floors
  • Medical equipment
  • Face protection masks

Most sizes are available in 500 feet, 1,000 feet, 2,500 feet, 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet and 25,000 foot quantities. Larger cross sections are available upon request. Contact us for additional information or special orders.

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