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75 Duro Flouroelastomer Cord Stock

Flouroelastomer cord stock is a special purpose fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber that performs extremely well when subjected to high temperatures. It has a high resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals putting it in a class of seals that can be compounded for very specific applications. The performance of flouroelastomer seals in aggressive chemicals depends on the nature of the base polymer used and the compounding ingredients used for molding the final product. Standard Seals flouroelastomer cord stock is most commonly used for O-rings, shaft seals and engine seals.


High Performance Flouroelastomer Seals have Chemical Resistance

Our fluorocarbon cord shows very good resistance to gasoline, biodiesel and nitrox gas blends. Due to its unique gas impermeability, flouroelastomer cord stock is ideal for automotive fuel applications, aircraft engine seals and SCUBA diving applications. Flouroelastomer seals have good resistance to swelling and good resistance to the sun’s UV light and the ozone it generates.

When exposed to low temperatures, flouroelastomer cord can become quite hard. When this happens, the seals are still serviceable, but not suited to applications needing seals with flexibility at low temperatures. Flouroelastomer is generally compatible with hydrocarbons, but incompatible with ketones (acetone) and organic acids (acetic acid.)

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