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Silicone O-Ring Cord Stock

Silicone rubber is a semi-organic elastomer with an excellent ability to resist compression set and still retain its flexibility. When compared to other organic rubber compounds, silicone rubber has good resistance to the sun’s UV light and chemical ozone so it resists ozone cracking. Silicone elastomers also provide very good resistance to heat aging and water swell.


Multiple Uses for Heat-Stable Silicone Cord

Silicone cord stock remains stable at high temperatures and maintains its useful properties. It is easily manufactured and shaped providing sealing capabilities for a wide range of products including:

  • Automotive applications
  • Electronics
  • Home repair
  • Hardware


Silicone Rubber Cord Performs in Extreme Environments

Silicone rubber cord performs better than conventional rubbers when subjected to extreme temperatures. It demonstrates greater tensile strength, elongation, and tear strength. Silicone rubber maintains these properties through a wide range of temperatures and is generally non-reactive.

Silicone does not perform like other organic rubbers with a low physical strength and poor abrasion resistance. This limits the use of silicone seals for static seal applications or any application that requires materials suitable for high friction. With its low physical strength, applications with even low imposed loads must be designed carefully.

Most sizes are available in 500 feet, 1,000 feet, 2,500 feet, 5,000 feet and 10,000 foot quantities. Larger cross sections are available upon request. Silicone splicing adhesive 10” x 10” sheets are also available. Contact us for additional information or special orders.

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